Actos – Side Effects


Actos, a drug primarily prescribed to patients with Type 2 Diabetes, has been linked by several studies to harmful side effects in patients who take the drug over a long period of time (12 months or more). Actos is manufactured by Takeda pharmaceuticals and was among the 10-most prescribed drugs in America in 2011. Both short term and long term studies found that Actos users are at a statistically significant increased risk of dangerous bladder cancer because of the drug. The drug has been banned in both France and Germany, and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed in August 2011 that Actos can increase the risk of bladder cancer in long term users by up to forty percent (40%). The risk is higher for males than females. Actos now carries a black box warning label, but is not yet restricted, despite the fact that the drug causes serious side effects.

Side Effects
The active ingredient in Actos is called pioglitazone. The list of side effects that accompany long term exposure to pioglitazone found in Actos range from minor to quite severe. Actos side effects include headaches, sore throat, chest pain, and swelling. The most severe Actos side effects include bladder cancer, heart failure, liver failure, macular edema, and bone fractures. This list is not all-inclusive, yet is indicative of just how dangerous the chemical pioglitazone in Actos can be. Actos patients who experience any of these side effects, whether minor or severe, should contact a doctor immediately and should also call (888) 665-0077 for a free Actos Lawsuit case evaluation.

Bladder Cancer

Though Bladder Cancer might be caused by many factors, a prominent theory suggests that an increased toxicity in the urine due to pioglitazone (the active chemical in Actos) exposes the bladder to the chemical as well. Bladder Cancer typically appears as growths or masses of mutated cells within the bladder. The connection between Actos urine toxicity and Bladder Cancer has earned Actos the term “signature drug,” which means it is easier to recognize a causal link between the drug and the occurrence of Bladder Cancer. Men are at a greater risk than women, and Actos users who smoke or who have a history of cancer are among the greatest risk group. Symptoms of bladder cancer include urinary tract infections, abdominal pain, blood in urine, and painful or infrequent urination. Actos users experiencing any Bladder Cancer symptoms should consult a doctor. Actos patients who have been injured by the drug may file a lawsuit against Takeda Pharmaceuticals for the damage and expenses associated with Bladder Cancer and Actos use.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Each Personal Injury Lawyer at The Stenger Law Firm is dedicated to helping Actos Side Effect victims find justice for their injuries. Actos manufacturer Takeda Pharmaceuticals is currently facing over 10,000 claims from Personal Injury Lawyers like those at The Stenger Law Firm. Actos lawsuits concerning bladder cancer injuries, filed by a Personal Injury Lawyer on behalf of Actos victims across the country, are currently being heard by the United States Distrcit Court for the Western District of Louisiana. If you suffer from Bladder Cancer or other Actos Side Effects, please do not hesitate to contact a Personal Injury Lawyer at The Stenger Law Firm by calling (888) 665-0077 today for a free Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuit evaluation.

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