Transvaginal Mesh

Transvaginal Mesh is both Widely Used and Dangerous to Patients

Installing Transvaginal Mesh was thought to be an effective surgical remedy for women who suffered from pelvic organ prolapse or stress urinary incontinence for over two decades. However, many transvaginal mesh patients have reported dangerous and painful side effects resulting in urgent medical care and hospitalization. Side effects including internal bleeding or recurring organ prolapse occur when the mesh either dissolves into other internal organs, shrinks, or cuts into the vaginal wall. In 2008, the FDA issued a warning to surgeons and other doctors that transvaginal mesh might present a threat. But in 2011, after medical professionals and scores of injured patients pressured the FDA to mandate a recall, the Food and Drug Administration revised its warning to note that it was concerned with the increasing number of transvaginal mesh side effect injury reports. The most common side effect reported was the transvaginal mesh dissolving. Since the device has injured thousands of women, transvaginal mesh side effect lawsuits have been filed by personal injury attorneys.

Side Effects

The list of side effects caused by transvaginal mesh is long, and not all side effects and symptoms present in every transvaginal mesh patient. However, each side effect poses a serious threat to the health of women who receive transvaginal mesh surgery. Side effects include internal bleeding, vaginal bleeding, narrowing and scarring of the vaginal wall, significant pain, pain during sexual intercourse, and recurrence of incontinence or prolapse (or both). The dangerous side effects are caused by the transvaginal mesh dissolving, moving, or shrinking. The mesh sometimes dissolves into nearby organs, further compromising the patient’s health. In its most recent warning, the FDA recommended that surgeons attempt to fix POP and SUI without any transvaginal mesh, stating that it is not necessary or effective, given the high risk involved. Unfortunately, for many patients suffering from transvaginal side effects injuries, multiple surgeries and expensive medical care are required to restore their health. Patients who are suffering from side effects caused by transvaginal mesh should contact a personal injury attorney to discuss their potential claim.

Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury attorney can be a valuable advocate for women injured by transvaginal mesh. The side effects are often more dangerous or painful that the original problem, and women enduring such expensive and hazardous injuries should seek out legal advice from a personal injury attorney, like those at the StengerMontgomery Law Office. The StengerMontgomery Law Office personal injury attorneys are competent and have helped hundreds and hundreds of patients across the country find justice after suffering their transvaginal mesh side effect injuries. For a free transvaginal mesh case evaluation, talk to a personal injury attorney at the StengerMontgomery Law Office today, toll free, at (877) 545-8213.

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