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Pradaxa (generic name Dabigatran) was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2010 as an anticoagulant. The following year, it topped the FDA’s list of the most-reported drug associated with serious, disabling, or fatal side effects. In fact, Pradaxa “accounted for 3,781 domestic, serious adverse events overall in 2011…including 542 patient deaths,” according to a QuarterWatch report released in May 2012. Though the anticoagulant Pradaxa is prescribed to prevent blood clotting and other blood-related conditions, it “surpassed all other regularly monitored drugs in reports of hemorrhage, acute renal failure, and stroke,” said the report which compiles and analyzes FDA reports and data. Patients taking Pradaxa should contact their physician if symptoms of any Pradaxa side effects appear.

Side Effects
Side effects of Pradaxa can cause both minor and life-threatening side effects. Although the less-severe Pradaxa side effects like indigestion and abdominal discomfort may be tolerable for some, these symptoms often indicate the presence of more painful side effects, such as ulcers and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Additionally, Pradaxa side effects affect the circulatory system, causing internal bleeding ranging from minor to severe. This bleeding occurs throughout the body and appears in the form of unusual bruises. Pradaxa has even been linked to bleeding in the brain; the chances of developing Pradaxa-related internal bleeding increase in patients with renal impairment, such as kidney cancer.

Digestive Tract

Pradaxa has frequently been reported to cause bleeding and hemorrhaging in the digestive tract, with a greater risk of occurrence present in the elderly, especially in elderly women. At least 35% of all Pradaxa users will experience digestive tract problems. Bleeding in the digestive tract is particularly dangerous when caused by Pradaxa, since the drug’s effects cannot be reversed. Symptoms of a bleeding digestive tract include abdominal pain accompanied by black, tarry stools. The FDA now requires doctors who prescribe Pradaxa to warn patients of the dangerous risk Pradaxa poses to the digestive tract. Additionally, Pradaxa poses a greater risk for causing bleeding and other digestive tract problems when patients also take other medications, including Aspirin. Pradaxa users experiencing digestive tract problems or symptoms of bleeding should consult their doctor, and should also contact an injury lawyer for a claim evaluation.


Pradaxa is processed and excreted by the kidneys and has been linked to adverse or increased side effects in patients with renal impairments. Generally, older patients with renal kidney impairment are at an increased risk of developing internal bleeding symptoms while taking Pradaxa. In October 2011, Boehringer Ingelheim was required by the European Medicines Agency to alert doctors prescribing Pradaxa to check patients for renal problems or renal impairments. Because the drug poses a greater threat to renal-impaired patients, doctors now must screen their Pradaxa patients for renal integrity annually, if not more frequently. Patients who have renal impairments and are currently taking Pradaxa should discuss the matter with their physicians.

Injury Lawyer

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