Paxil Injuries – Neural Tube Defects

Paxil Causes Injuries Like Neural Tube Defects Harm Newborns

Neural Tube Defects are a type of congenital birth defect that result from malformed or incomplete fetal spinal cord development in the early stages of pregnancy. Neural Tube Defects can occur either at the base of the skull or the base of the spine, near the tailbone. Defects at the top of the spine (near the base of the skull) are typically instances when part or all of the brain forms outside of the skull. This tragic type of neural tube defect, known as “Anencephaly,” renders the newborn blind, deaf, and often paralyzed. Other neural tube defects include spina bifida, which occurs when the vertebrae fail to develop and the spinal cord protrudes between the gap in the vertebrae. Spina Bifida presents as a lump or sac on the infant’s lower back, and sometimes is covered with a patch of hair.

Paxil Injuries

Neural Tube Defects have been included in the long list of Paxil Injuries about which the FDA is currently warning mothers and women who are trying to conceive. The American College of Gynecologists and Obstetricians conducted a study which showed birth defects to be three to six times more likely in children whose mothers took Paxil during the first trimester of pregnancy than children whose mothers did not ingest the antidepressant. The FDA issued a “Class D” warning for pregnant women, which means it is a known contributor to birth defects of the heart, lungs, genitals, digestive tract, and bodies of developing fetuses. Following the FDA warning, lawsuits have been filed across the country seeking monetary damages for the physical, emotional, and financial pain families of Paxil victims have undergone.


Craniosyntosis is a birth defect that occurs when the sections of the skull fuse (or “ossify”) too early during the fetal development process. This ossification leaves little room for the brain to grow normally, so it essentially grows toward the remaining sections of the skull that have not yet fused. Infants affected by Craniosyntosis often have misshapen or bulging heads and sometimes facial deformation. In a normal baby, the sections of the skull fuse slowly over the course of several months after birth (creating a “soft spot” in the meantime). Babies with Craniosyntosis face potential vision or hearing loss and other learning problems if surgery is not performed to separate the prematurely ossified skull sections. Untreated, Craniosyntosis can jeopardize the child’s brain function and their life. The prescription drug Paxil alters the levels of maternal serotonin during pregnancy. Serotonin is crucial to fetal development, especially during the first trimester.

Clubbed Foot

“Clubbed Foot” (also known as “club foot” and “congenital talipes equinovarus”) is a birth defect that results in the malformation of one or both feet in the newborn. Babies born with Clubbed Foot have feet that rotate inward from the ankles; untreated, patients with Clubbed Foot must walk on the side of their foot or even on their ankles. Orthotic therapy is typically sufficient to correct Clubbed Foot. However, some severe cases may require minor surgical procedures which involve clipping and shortening the Achilles tendon or reconnecting misplaced tendons between the ankle and the toes. Clubbed Foot is a common birth defect, occurring in roughly 1 out of 1000 births worldwide. However, use of the prescription antidepressant Paxil during pregnancy has been connected with an increased risk of Clubbed Foot and other more severe birth defects.

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