Paxil Birth Defects – Undescended Testes

Antidepressant Drug Paxil Linked to Genital Birth Defects

Undescended Testes are a known Paxil birth defect in children whose mothers took the antidepressant drug (generic name paroxetine) during pregnancy. Other Paxil birth defects can include Epispadias, several heart defects and other congenital deformities.

The Food and Drug Administration approved Paxil in 1992 to treat depression as well as several anxiety and compulsive disorders. Hundreds of thousands of people – including pregnant women – filled their prescriptions for Paxil without knowing the extent of its dangerous side effects. The drug earned GlaxoSmithKline close to $1 Billion each year.

Paxil is an SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reputake Inhibitor) that blocks serotonin inhibitors, thus increasing the total level of serotonin in the brain, causing mood improvement. However, the brains of pregnant women produce “maternal serotonin” which is essential to development of the fetal brain, heart, lungs, and genitals. Consumption of Paxil during pregnancy thus alters the levels of serotonin in the fetus – a chemical reaction that causes great risk to the fetus.

Undescended Testes

Undescended Testes are one such risk. Male children born with Undescended Testes may face long-term complications including an increased risk of testicular cancer and infertility, even if the testes eventually descend at a late age or are put in place through surgery. In severe cases, the testes appear to have vanished and are not locatable when surgery is attempted. The Paxil birth defect of Undescended testes can be painful and can ultimately lead to life-threatening side effects if hormone injection or surgery is ineffective.


Epispadias is a rare birth defect that occurs in the genitalia of both males and females. In male infants, the urethra fails to develop as a complete tube, which causes urine to leave the body from an abnormal opening in the penis. In females, the urethra protrudes outside of the vagina. Depending on the severity of the Epispadias, the urethra can be surgically repaired or reconstructed. Lifelong complications include persistent incontinence and chronic urinary tract infections. The increased occurrence of this rare birth defect has been linked to Paxil use during pregnancy. An increased occurrence of Epispadias in both male and female babies has been linked to Paxil use during pregnancy.

Paxil Lawsuits

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